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In general, all computer software is copyrighted and protected under federal law, and should be treated as you would a published book or commercial video.  No programs can be reproduced or distributed without the explicit written permission of the publisher and/or copyright holder. 

While it is legally acceptable to make a single archive copy of a commercial software program to prevent against loss of the original, it is never acceptable to install a copy licensed for single use on more than one computer.  Installation of the same software program on multiple computers requires the purchase of multiple copies or the arrangement of a Volume Licensing Agreement that covers that specific number of machines.

See also USF's Technology Resources Appropriate Use Policy.

For Open Source programs that are distributed free of charge under the GNU General Public License, it is required that all program files be unmodified and that the General Public License be distributed with the software.  More information on the General Public License program.

For more information about library reserves, contact or (415) 422-2662.

Adapted from web materials at Fairfield University.

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