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Includes photographs, slides, illustrations, web images, charts or graphs and designs.

Classroom Use

As an instructor in a non-profit educational setting you can display images in your classroom, directly to students, face-to-face, so long as it fits your curricular objective.

You may not copy entire works, although under fair use you may copy brief portions for instructional purposes.

When directing students to consult materials as homework (i.e. beyond what constitutes the time allotted for a class session), refer to Library Reserve Use.

Library Reserve Use

When compiling a multimedia presentation by incorporating copies of images, use the guidelines for multimedia before considering reserve usage.

Fair Use Criteria

  • Purpose of the Use: Materials must serve only the needs of specified educational programs; they must be placed on reserve only at the specific request of the instructor; students should not be charged specifically to consult the works, and no person or unit at the university should benefit monetarily from the use of the material.

  • Nature of the Work: Materials must be related directly to the educational objectives of a specific course; only those portions relevant to the objectives of the course may be placed on reserve; and reproductions of highly creative works are not generally appropriate unless they are the main subject of academic study.

  • Amount of the Work: Reproductions will generally be limited to brief works or brief excerpts from larger works; the amount of the work placed on reserve must be related directly to the educational objectives of the course.

  • Effect of the Use on the Market for the Original: Repeat use of the same material by the same instructor for the same course will require permission from the copyright owner; the materials will include a citation to the original source of publication and a form of copyright notice; no material should be included unless it is produced from a lawfully obtained copy; materials on reserve may not include any works that are available for students to purchase in the campus bookstore or other customary outlet.

For more information about library reserves, contact or (415) 422-2662.

Adapted from web materials at Fairfield University.

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