The University of San Francisco: Gleeson Library

Linking Blackboard to eReserves

Linking Blackboard 9 to eReserves

A link to your course reserves can be added to Content Area > Build Content > URL.

  1. Log into your Blackboard course.
  2. Click on the tiny + icon at the top of the BB course screen, on the left hand side.
  3. "Create Content Area" is the first item. Click this and name your area, for example "Readings". Click to make it Available to Users, Submit.
  4. Your new area is now listed on the left hand menu. (You can rearrange the order in the list.) Click on it.
  5. Select "Build Content". Under Create, select URL.
  6. Name it, for example: "Readings". 
  7. To add the URL: Log into your library ereserves page, copy the url, then paste it into BB. 
  8. Add a description: For example: These are chapters on ereserves from the library. Or however you want to describe them. 
  9. Pick any other options you want, then Submit.
This is a short video from Blackboard on adding an item in Content. The steps are similar but you'll be adding a URL instead of an item.

Linking Blackboard 8 to eReserves

  • Log on to your Blackboard course page
  • Click on "Courses" tab
  • Select the course you are teaching and want to add a link to Course Reserves—eReserves
  • Below "Tools" in the sidebar, click on the "Control panel"

Linking the eReserves page

  • Under "Content Areas"
  • Click on "Course documents"
  • Click on the "External Link" button
    • External Link Information
      • For "Name", specify the title to appear on the link (i.e. Course Reserves, eReserves)
      • For "URL", type or paste the URL of the desired Course Reserves webpage.
        • Access your Course Reserves webpage by going to the Gleeson library’s home page and under Course Reserves enter your name.
      • For "Text", dialog box can be left empty or you may choose to enter a line of text that will appear under the "Name" assigned to the link.
    • Skip the "Content Attachments" section.
    • Options—Select the options you desire
      • Do you want to "Make the content available"? "Yes"
      • Open in new window? Yes/No
      • Do you want to track number of views? Yes/No
      • Choose date and time restrictions. (Beginning and end of the semester)
        (eReserves are automatically switch off at the end of the semester)
    • Submit
      • Click "Submit"
      • Click "OK"
  • Test the link on the "Course Documents" display and modify if necessary.