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Department Staff 
Location: 1st Floor, northeast corner

The Systems office is responsible for operating and managing Ignacio, the University of San Francisco libraries (Gleeson Library | Geschke Learning Resource Center and Zief Law Library) integrated online system.

Goals of the office include:

  • maintaining the security, stability and performance of the library system
  • implementation of enhancements which improve service to the University and the efficiency and effectiveness of the Library staff.

Ignacio is known to most as the library online catalog. However, it is a fully integrated system which is used for most library operations. The software is provided by Innovative Interfaces Inc.

The Acquisitions Department uses the system to order and receive books. Orders are transmitted electronically. Once received and paid for, the books are sent to the Catalog Department for processing. Complete records which describe the materials and provide access points for retrieval are entered into the system.

The Circulation Department. uses the same system to check-out materials. A database of all authorized library users is maintained on the system for the purposes of checking out books and for authentication when accessing reference databases from remote locations. You can view your library record on the system to see what you have checked out and when it is due back. System generated email notices are available for those who wish to receive them.

The Periodicals Department also uses the system to manage subscriptions and to receive and claim journal issues. The library user can easily see which issues have been received on a check-in record for a specific title.

Interlibrary Loan requests are initiated through Ignacio and all Interlibrary Loan transactions are maintained on this system.

The system provides a variety of statistics. Some reports are generated automatically, while others may be customized by library staff. The information that is extracted is valuable for library planning in many areas.

The catalog itself contains records for all the books and journals in Gleeson Library | Geschke Learning Resource Center and Zief Law Library. Tip: Although there are a number of search indexes to the catalog (author, title, subject etc.), keyword is probably the most powerful, particularly if you are not sure of exactly what you are looking for.