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Catalog Department

Department Staff

Phone: (415) 422-2049

The Catalog Department is located on the first floor, northwest side of the building.

Cataloging of Library Materials

The Catalog Department provides centralized bibliographic control over all materials in Gleeson Library and the branch libraries. This includes the general stacks, Reference, Periodicals, Rare Books, and Non-Print collections.

Bibliographic Database Management

The Catalog Department is responsible for the integrity of Ignacio, the online catalog system. As part of this work, the Catalog Department insures that the access points in Ignacio are authorized, internally consistent, accurate and up to date. The Catalog Department also insures that location and holdings information about library materials is accurate.

Rush Cataloging

Library materials that are listed in Ignacio as "Being Processed" are temporarily located in the Catalog Department. Anyone who needs an item immediately is encouraged to request rush cataloging. Items can usually be made available for check out within 24 hours. Please make a request for rush cataloging with the Circulation Department.

Bibliographic Support

The Catalog Department will gladly answer questions regarding the structure, form, content, and display of the bibliographic records contained in Ignacio. Questions regarding library cataloging policies, decisions and practices, as well as more general questions regarding the nature and philosophical dimensions of bibliographic control are also welcome.