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 Library Mission

The Gleeson Library | Geschke Center, including the Branch Campus libraries, primarily provides support to academic programs by making available the broadest possible array of learning and information resources for instruction and research support. Its role is further defined by the expression of specific objectives:

  1. To make available the books, periodicals, government publications, and other library materials necessary for conducting a successful university program.
  2. To build a competent library staff to service and interpret collections.
  3. To provide the physical facilities and equipment that will assist in the use of collections.
  4. To assist and cooperate with faculty members in their varied instructional and research programs.
  5. To encourage students to develop information literacy: critical thinking and lifelong learning skills.
  6. To offer a program of library service that will meet and exceed the requirements and standards of the various professional associations and accrediting agencies.
  7. To integrate the library program with local, regional, national, and international library resources to create a "virtual library."
  8. To provide selected services to special non-instructional constituencies.