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Phone: (415) 422-2258

The Acquisitions Department is located in the northwest wing of the first floor of the building. The department is staffed from 7 AM to 5 PM.

General Information

Mission and Goal

The Library endeavors to acquire, within its financial and other limitations, materials that reflect the educational objectives and curricular needs of the University for fulfilling the institutions' purposes as stated in its "Mission and Goals." The goal of the acquisitions program is to provide instructional resources needed by students, faculty, administrators and staff to meet these purposes, as well as to provide materials broader in scope than any particular subject area.


The Acquisitions Department is responsible for the ordering and receipt of these materials, processing them for payment on receipt, management of the library materials budget, and providing financial management data. Every effort is made to accomplish the necessary business transactions in a cost-effective and timely fashion, at all times maintaining high ethical standards. The Acquisitions Librarian works closely with vendors, publishers, and members of the Library's user groups to ensure prompt, efficient and responsible collection development processes.

Academic Freedom

The Library affirms the right of individuals to free inquiry and the freedom to recommend the selection of materials based on sound academic grounds according to the instructional and research needs of the University.

Gifts and Donations

Unsolicited donations will be evaluated in terms of the usefulness of the materials to the Library's collection in the context of the General Collection Management Policy. The Library reserves the right to retain or dispose of gifts as judged appropriate.

Ordering Information

If you would like to request a book to be ordered for the library collection, please send the information to the library liaison for your department or program. Be sure to include sufficient information to enable ordering, which may include the title, author(s) or editor(s), publisher and date of publication, edition, price, and ISBN if known. Requests may be sent in any form (email, publisher’s catalogs, 3X5 Order cards, etc.).

Ordering for Reserves

Give purchase requests to the Circulation/Reserves Department 6 to 8 weeks before the semester begins. See Reserves for more information.

Ordering for Branch Libraries

Contact the Coordinator for Distance Services at (415) 422-5387 or the site librarian.

Ordering Periodicals

Please use the Periodical Subscription Request Form to order journals. See Requesting Materials for more Information.

Ordering Videos

If you would like to request a video/dvd to be ordered for the library collection, please send the information to the library liaison for your department or program. Please include all pertinent information such as title, publisher, and price.