Another Day Under the Duress of Patriotic Stupidity

Written by Jimmy Santiago Baca
Patriotism - Jimmy Santiago Baca

I chew my cuticles until they bleed.  I rise out of bed knowing few have beds.  I open the door to the garden feeling how gardens have died in so many places.  I guess war does that—it kills gardens, it chokes the flowers.  It makes the ground bleed.  And still, young girls dress, tie their hair in ponytails and believe in dreams.  I open the door to my bedroom onto the garden and sense how we have not cared enough.  Know the greed and stupidity of Americans has caused so much suffering.  As if in a dream with millions of men lined up in battalions—we've been taught to never look to the left or right only to the tyrant who speaks to us before our eyes.  We've been taught to be good Indians, to make the audience laugh, to distribute our books to White high schoolers who believe they are political because they read how an Indian is their friend now.  Long live hatred and racism for stupid people and war mongers.  For submissive Chicanos and Indians.  I will not dance about with my beach ball in the garden: I will let it sail over the garden wall we are forbidden to climb over and I will follow it one day.

March 21, 2014

for Divisadero