Divisadero Staff - Victor Casillas Valle Victor Casillas Valle is a Communication Studies and Media Studies double major at the University of San Francisco who is originally from southern California. He is the editor-in-chief and founder of the local bay area music website, We Move Against The Tides,  a radio host on KUSF.ORG, the host and MC of the Lyricist Lounge monthly open mic, a photographer for THSNDWRDS publication, the co-director for the poetry organization WORD, a freelance reporter for numerous publications, an artist/poet/photographer/ writer/musician and someone who enjoys squeezing every little bit of life that is brought to him. His life motto is "keep moving."
ALFONSO BIO Alfonso García is a Communication studies major with a minor in Latin-American Studies. He was born in San Francisco, CA to Nicaraguan parents, but grew up in the Bay Area surrounded by the Mexican community. Besides being an avid fan of baseball and boxing, he is also passionate about advocating for organ and tissue donation because of his liver transplant 3 years ago.

Angélica Miramontes is a sophomore International Studies student from Riverside, CA. Being of Mexican descent and always surrounded by Latin@ culture, she is constantly looking at ways the Latino community influences greater society and vice versa. She is passionate about politics, activism and community organizing and would love to pursue these in her future endeavors.

Divisadero Staff - Daniela Hermosillo Daniela Hermosillo is from Hayward, California. She is an International Studies major and Dual Degree Teaching student. She enjoys singing in the shower, rock climbing, bowling, playing badminton, and collecting seashells. She has been inspired by the Latin culture since traveling to Mexico, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. She wants to be a teacher in a region in Latin America and study the underlying causes of bullying in different countries. She hopes on becoming a teacher and teaching in each continent of the world.
CINDY BIO Cindy Venerio is at USF studying history. She was born and raised in Miami, FL. Growing up in such a diverse city led her to become interested in Latinos and their impact in the US. She is very interested in studying about technology, with hopes of becoming an intellectual property lawyer someday.
Divisadero Staff - Arlene Nieto

Arlene Nieto is a senior double major in International Studies and Latin American Studies at USF.  She was born and raised in Los Angeles of Mexican background. Her interest in the Latin@ community grew from her background, especially from being a first generation Latin@. This is her first year working in the Divisadero publication and will be graduating in May.

Divisadero Staff - Krystal Ayala Krystal Ayala is a senior at USF majoring in  Environmental Science and Latin American Studies. Her passion for Latin America stems from her Mexican roots, culture, and her travels to Central America. Growing up in San Diego near the U.S.-Mexico border has further instilled her desire to work closely with her Latin@ community that so much influenced her growing up.  She hopes to bring her two passions in life together by being an advocate for the environment in Latin America and Latin@ communities around her.
Divisadero Staff - Stefani Robnet Stefani Robnett is currently a freshman at USF, majoring in Politics and minoring in Latin American Studies and Legal Studies, with the intent of pursuing a career in law. As she was taught about her Colombian heritage while growing up, she became increasingly interested in the Latino and Chicano culture that Los Angeles has become defined by. She sees the Divisadero as an opportunity to become further involved in the Latino and Chicano community.