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Personal Trainer Bios

Brian is upbeat, warm and encouraging.  He views fitness as an essential and integral part of life. Brian will customize a program (strength training, cardiovascular and flexibility) to fit your needs and objectives, and also fit your busy lifestyle.  He strives to motivate you to meet your full potential, and is delighted to help clients transform their bodies, renew their energy levels and improve their self-confidence. (NASM)

Deirdre feels that the key to fitness success is consistency and a personal commitment to adhere to a regular exercise program for life. With over ten years of experience as a group exercise instructor, Deirdre strives to educate her clients by demystifying the process of getting in shape in a friendly, non-intimidating manner. Clients will gain tools and practical knowledge while enjoying a complete workout designed just for them. Deirdre will guide clients through customized sessions balancing cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility for all levels, beginner to advanced. (ACSM, Mad Dogg Athletics)

In the past, Elise’s philosophy was “no pain, no gain; push to your limits”.  Now, while she still believes one must exert enough energy to progress, she also believes that health and fitness is about moderation, cross-training, and sustaining vitality into our senior years.  According to Elise, this approach is accomplished holistically by making a commitment to consistently integrate a comprehensive fitness program and proper nutrition with a well-balanced lifestyle into one’s daily routine.  Elise strives to help her clients successfully achieve this ability so that they can perform functional activities of daily living, hobbies, and physical interests with renewed vigor, stamina, comfort, ease, and unbridled enthusiasm. (ACSM, ACE)

Erik is a nursing student and former Marine with an enthusiastic outlook on health and fitness. Erik’s training methods stem from his core philosophy that the human body is the one thing in the world that an individual truly owns; therefore, it is paramount that one works to improve their body through a physically active and healthy lifestyle. He strives to formulate programs that encompass the specific goals of his clients. Erik will provide the necessary instruction and background knowledge to yield tangible results, boost one’s confidence and overcome the many stressors of everyday life. His personal training instruction will improve your vitality and aid you in meeting your goals and true fitness potential. Erik is well-versed in biological and anatomical studies and their pertinence to physical fitness. (NASM)

Jai has been a fitness professional for over 9 years.  Standing at 5’4” and once weighing over 200 pounds, Jai began her fitness adventure as a client and eventually became a trainer.  She knows firsthand how horrifying it is to walk into a gym without the knowledge needed to create results.  Years later, Jai was diagnosed with Encephalitis and a Pulmonary Embolism and was told that if she lived she may be paralyzed. After being released from the hospital she went through a long process of stepping into the fitness world all over again.  Jai believes that every day you wake up is a good day.  Now, Jai dedicates her time to helping other people make life changes through fitness.  Jai is available to train clients in the weight room or the Koret pool by special appointment only. (AFAA)

Jennifer K. is a physical therapist and faculty member in the Exercise Sport Science Department at USF.  She is available for special appointments only.

Melissa is currently studying Exercise Sport Science at USF, and a member of the women’s rugby team on campus.  She is available Monday-Friday and Sundays for 30 minute equipment orientations and body composition analysis. 

Nancy is available for individual aquatic personal training in the Koret pool by special appointment only.  (AEA)

Todd will design a comprehensive program to best suit your needs and capabilities.   Based on his years of experience, he believes that every client (athlete, senior, teen, soccer mom, everyday Joe) needs to incorporate strength training, cardiovascular work, flexibility training, nutritional guidelines and rest to achieve one’s full potential in life and fitness.  Todd further believes that a client’s input is vital in putting together a balanced program.  Todd will motivate you to become your very best by being creative, and intense, while instructing you in your pursuit of health and fitness. (ACSM, AFAA)