The University of San Francisco: Koret Health And Recreation Center
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Towel Service

Koret offers towels as a complimentary service to all patrons.  We offer two sizes of towels.

Shower Towels:  One must be a part of the USF community or be a Koret member in order to check out a shower towel.  They can be checked out at the Equipment Desk and must be returned to be checked back in.  If one forgets to check a towel back in there will be a $10 administrative fee attached to their account.

Gym Towels:  These are much smaller in size and more convenient to use while working out.  They can be picked up from the Equipment Desk without checking them out.  They can be returned to the Equipment Desk or dropped in any one of eight locations around the facility.

If you have any questions, please contact Robert Azcarate-Bascherini.