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Intramural Sports and Rules

Various intramural leagues and tournaments are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. Full descriptions of sports currently offered are listed below, as well as the rules of play. Students are encouraged to contact the Recreational Sports Department if they would like to see a program or a sport added to the Intramural schedule.

League Sports

Basketball is arguably one of our most popular IM Sports at USF so it is offered year round. Individuals have the option of participating in women's, men's undergraduate, men's graduate, and/or CoRec (men & women) leagues.

5v5 Rules (coming soon!)

The IM Sports program offers year round opportunities for individuals to participate in both indoor and outdoor soccer. Indoor soccer is typically played 5v5 and both CoRec competitive and recreational leagues are offered. Outdoor soccer is played on the weekends on Negoesco Field and men’s and co-ed (recreational) leagues are typically offered, play style is 6v6.

Indoor Soccer Rules 
Outdoor Soccer Rules

Indoor Volleyball is also offered year round and is typically set up as a co-ed league (teams must have at least one female player on the court at all times). Leagues are typically played 6v6 and are set up to run at times opposite the Club Volleyball Team’s practice schedule. 

Indoor Volleyball Rules

Dodgeball is also offered year round and is played in Hagan Gym. Co-ed (recreational) and Men’s leagues are offered. The format is typically 6v6.

Dodgeball Rules

Flag Football is played 7v7 on Negoesco field on the weekends. Flag leagues are usually set up as ‘open’ and can be played with any combination of women and men.

Flag Football Rules (FULL VERSION)
Flag Football Rules (Abbreviated VERSION) 

Badminton is played in the spring semester. The league format is doubles but teams are allowed to have up to four people on their roster to account for scheduling conflicts and the like. Racquets and shuttlecocks are provided. Leagues are scheduled at times opposite the Club Badminton Team's practice schedule. 

Badminton Rules (coming soon!)

Indoor Kickball – Kickball is typically played using the "Over the Line" format that does not include actual base running, but fielding the ball as kickers attempt to kick the ball past specific yardages on the court that result in singles, doubles, triples, and home runs. Leagues are “open” (no gender specifications for participation). Based on the number of teams that register we will either set this up as a league sport, or a double elimination bracket tournament. 

Kickball Rules

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