The University of San Francisco: Koret Health And Recreation Center

Registration Info


Registration for teams and individuals is done at  To register click here and follow the instructions.  You must use your USF email address to access our page. 

In order to register a team the captain will be required to pay a refundable forfeiture fee of $50, due at the time of registration.  The $50 fee will be refunded at the end of each season as long as the team does not forfeit any games.  The first forfeit by a team will result in the loss of $25; the second forfeit will result in the loss of the remaining $25 and disqualification from the league.  Should a team forfeit a third time the captain will be suspended from captaincy for one full semester.  Registration for Fall 2013 will open on Friday, August 16, at 9:00am. Team registration closes on Friday, Sept 6, at 12:00pm. Individual regisitration for each sport closes two weeks after the start date of the a specific sport.

We encourage anyone that does not currently have a team to register as a free agent.  All free agents are guaranteed a roster spot prior to the beginning of league play.  Should there be enough free agents to create a team then we will do so.  When a free agent is placed on a team we will notify the captain so that they are aware of the new addition.

A program fee, due upon registration, may be charged for specific tournaments and special events and will be noted accordingly. 

For any questions or suggestions please email Robert Azcarate-Bascherini at


Please read our Policies and Procedures prior to registering.