The University of San Francisco: Koret Health And Recreation Center
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Self Defense Class

Self Defense Classes
Fridays @ 12-1pm
Location: Koret
Dates: 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/7, 8/14 
*Space is limited to 25 participants (registration required) 
A refundable $25 fee required to hold a spot. Must attend all 6 sessions between 7/10-8/14 to qualify for refund. 

Learn to defend yourself without weapons! This course teaches basic self-defense and the use of improvised weapons. You can learn to defend yourself with natural weapons, without resorting to man-made tools. No prior martial arts or tactical training is required.

This class is open to current USF students, faculty and staff ONLY. If you do not fall into those categories, but would like to inquire about the wait list for open spots for this course, please email

Session 1: Use of Force
This session discusses the legal use of force, including the force continuum.
Conflict management is taught, including verbal self-defense and de-escalation strategy. Physical conditioning is introduced to prepare students for training on defensive tactics.

Session 2: Defensive Tactics
This session teaches self-defense fundamentals: defensive and counter-
offensive techniques, situational awareness, and countering scenario-based attacks. Defensive tactics are taught using escapes, hand-to-hand combat, and survival skills.

Session 3: Stand-Up Fighting
This session focuses on striking vital points on the body, with techniques like
kicking, punching, knees, elbows, and head-butts. Entering and trapping techniques are taught to intercept and control single or multiple opponents. Mobility will be emphasized.

Session 4: Ground-Fighting
This session teaches ground-fighting, throwing and grappling techniques for
pinning, locking, and constricting opponents on the ground. You learn to escape from attacks and to recover to standing. Falling techniques are taught for participants? safety.

Session 5: Closing and Finishing
This session integrates many self-defense principles; striking and trapping,
throwing and grappling techniques into closing and finishing. Strategies for cornering, submission, and controlling opponents are presented. Finishing techniques are shown.

Session 6: Practical Exercises
This session conducts practical exercises on situational self-defense; using
scenarios. After each exercise, students will debrief to discuss what they have learned. Content of the advanced self-defense course against armed opponents is introduced.

This course is IN PROGRESS and no registrations are being accepted at this time. Please contact 415-422-2944 or for information on future classes.