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Client Referrals


“Before I selected a trainer, I explained my experience and condition to the staff at Koret, and they suggested Brian (I've worked with him since 2007).  He is very sensitive to my quirks (various joint problems), great at varying my routines (so that I'm never bored), and fun to talk to!  He pushes me enough so that I feel each workout in an enjoyable way, but in a way that respects my limitations so that I don't get reinjured (i.e. just the right amount). If you decide to workout with Brian, you are in very capable hands!  I finally have a routine that is easy to stick to (twice a week) and produces results.  And the Koret Center is easily the best gym I've gone to, and I've lost count of the number of others I've been to.  I recommend Brian wholeheartedly!”  Female (Age: 57)

“For the past five years I have had the pleasure of training with Brian Fry at the Koret Center. I was motivated to work with a personal trainer after I celebrated my 30th birthday, and Brian seemed like the perfect fit! Brian gives me the motivation, encouragement, and support I need to meet my fitness goals and make exercising enjoyable. Since training with Brian I have lost weight, run a marathon, and have become open to trying swimming, biking, and other types of fitness activities.  Brian’s personal commitment to his clients and knowledge make him a great trainer!”  Female (Age: 35) 

“I signed up for personal training shortly before my wedding and 30th birthday. My goal at the time was to tone my arms and to work on my posture. I'd never worked with a trainer, and although my wedding was the impetus for going to the gym, it's because of Brian that I'm still training two years later. Now my goals are for overall health and toning, as well as to work on my core and abs before my husband and I start a family.  Brian is easy-going and friendly and never makes me feel as though I should have been more athletic in the past or like I'm not doing enough now. My schedule gets so busy that I don't often make time for exercise, but I've learned that even if it's only one hour a week, that hour is worth something. I've seen toning in my triceps and calves and increased strength and endurance overall. He's great about mixing up our routine on a regular basis and is attentive to my individual needs and how I'm feeling week-to-week. I couldn't recommend him as a trainer more.” Female (Age: 32)

“As a grad student and a full-time working professional in my late 20's, I was struggling to find enough time and  energy to be able to consistently get a good workout. With my family's background in diabetes and high cholesterol, taking extra care of my health was very important to me.  At first I was hesitant to try personal training at USF due to my past experiences with personal trainers in other gyms who were more concerned with trying to sell me supplements  than trying to train me. However, I am so glad I took the leap and started training with Deirdre.  She has taught me that you can fit in a great workout no matter what your time constraints are, and has really showed me how to make my own workouts more efficient.  My training sessions with her gave me the tools I needed to create a good workout program for when I am working out on my own.  It's now been over a year and a half since I have started training with her but I am still learning something new every time I meet with her.  My schedule for personal training would vary week to week due to work and school commitments, but Deirdre has always been very patient and flexible to work with.  Since training with Deirdre, I have not only noticed a difference physically but also in other ways such as my eating habits and most importantly my energy level.  My workouts with Deirdre have made me confident that I will be ‘strapless dress ready’ for my wedding in November.”  Female (Age: late-20’s)

“I am delighted to share my experience with Elise, trainer extraordinaire.  At age 73, I began exercising for the first time in my life.  I am the quintessential couch potato.  Occasionally I would swim, but the efforts were few and far apart.  I managed to wiggle out of all gym classes in high school and barely passed college requirements (that would be a D in fencing!)  I have been working with Elise since November because a.) my doctor told me I'd better do something or I'd have to take a lot of drugs to help with the pain throughout my body and my cholesterol levels and b.) my husband and I are going to Antarctica in December and I feared making a total fool of myself climbing in and out of the small Zodiacs used for landing.  I have achieved amazing success.  First, my body is essentially pain free, even "parts" we have not worked on.  Second, I am (for me) amazingly strong.  Third--and don't tell anyone I said this--I love coming to Koret and exercising.  I actually get to the gym early to complete my required 20 minutes on the bike thus maximizing my twice-weekly hour with Elise.”  Female (Age: 73)

“My trainer is Todd.  He is the best thing that ever happened.  He keeps me honest.  I would wimp out without him.  I have been working with Todd for eleven years, it just doesn't seem possible.  I started with Todd because of lower back pain.  Don't have that anymore, and I can do so many more things like take care of my grandchildren (ages 3 and 6) and walk the dog.  I work with Todd one day a week and try to come into Koret one other day each week.”  Female (Age: 77 years)

“I’ve been working with Todd for 10 years.  I selected Todd as my trainer because I observed him, his attentiveness to his clients, and his happy demeanor.  I enjoy his style, cheerful spirit, intelligence, interest in life, and his health and nutrition advice.  Personal training at Koret has made me feel better physically and mentally.  Personal training has stopped bone loss and I stand straighter and I feel a sense of well being.  Todd is truly an outstanding individual and trainer.   He takes his profession seriously, and he is a very good, friendly, and patient teacher who is always on duty.”  Male (Age: 86)

“My trainer is Todd.  I am 80 years old and have been working with Todd 10 years.  I was motivated to look into personal training because I experienced some diminution in my strength (I could no longer jump rope.)  Todd is a role model (well, no, I can't play basketball), but I see the care he takes in working out himself and eating well.  He is 100% reliable and dedicated to his clients' achievement.  I look forward to my session with him every week.  I tell him it's my gift to myself, it's as good as an evening at the theatre.”  Female (Age: 80 years)

“I started working with Todd Thomas when I was in my mid seventies - I had recently retired and was turning into a dull blob.  I must say he looked a little skeptical on the day I walked in but happily he took the challenge and didn't give up on me.  The first few times at the gym one is a little self conscious but soon you realize that the only person that really sees you is your trainer and that he is encouraging you to better yourself. When it became apparent to Todd that I was not using the elliptical or bicycle as much as I had at the beginning, he encouraged me to take up water aerobics in addition to my training session with him. While he doesn't nag he does know how to make his point about one's negative and positive health attributes.  I am pushing 84 and work out with Todd regularly. He has contributed greatly to my well-being and I hope to continue our sessions for the next decade or so.” Female (Age: 84)