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Little Seals

Instruction and Training for children with no previous swim team experience.  This team meets two days per week. Children must be able to perform the basic four strokes.  Swimmer needs to have passed through our Youth Swim Lessons, or attended a tryout to be placed on this team. 

Little Seals averages around 1,000 yards during their practice time. They focus on starts & turns as well as general sets. 

Sample of a day on the Little Seals team: 

Warm Up 100 free, 50 Kick, 50 Stroke, 50 Pull (250 yds)

Flip turns 5 minutes

4 x 50 free focus on approach to wall and streamline after flip (200)

Series of 25's of whatever stroke is being emphasized which includes drills (250)

Bringing all the strokes together with an IM (200)

Some quicker 25's free / choice (100)

Starts 5 minutes

Practice Times

Tuesday & Thursday 4:00 - 5:00 pm (ongoing throughout the year)

Month: $66/month

You need to pay for your monthly membership *in person* at the Koret Center. There is no online option for payment at this time. 

Additional child:

Month: $33

If you would like to tryout for the team click here You will need to create an online account, first for the person paying then you will add your swimmer at the end. 

Questions or concerns?
Clare Rudd- Aquatics Director