Editorial Staff

Michelle Devereaux –– Managing Editor 
Michelle is a senior at USF with a major in International Studies and a minor in European Studies. When she is not working hard to graduate in December, Michelle is usually in the middle of a Netflix marathon on any given day.

Paige Isaacson –– Production Editor 
Paige is a senior International Studies major at the University of San Francisco. She is majoring in global politics and societies with a regional European studies minor. She plans to study international law when she graduates...if she ever decides to leave BAIS. When she's not eating glue or pulling her hair out over her senior thesis, you can find her walking 'round the USF community garden or creeping after hours around the KUSF station. When she's not at school (rarely) she's A) studying B) thinking about studying or C) eating her bodyweight in Gordo's Burritos.

Martin Juarez –– Digital Editor
Majoring in International Studies with a Minor in Latin American Studies, Martin E. Juarez runs around San Francisco drinking boba and eating pho while working and exploring the city. In his free time Martin enjoys hanging out with his friends, going on tumblr, and test drives sleeping on people’s porches.

Kassandra Scheider –– Copy Editor 
Kassandra is a senior International Studies major, minoring in European Studies and French. Although she is graduating in December, Kassandra still does not know what she wants to be when she grows up. 

Umar Issa –– Business Editor 
Umar is a senior at USF, majoring in International Studies and minoring in Middle Eastern Studies. In 2013, he founded Tailored Heritage (tailoredheritage.com) , an up-and-coming fashion blog documenting the style-inspired journeys of himself and two other USF students. Inspired by a victory at his 2nd Grade Spelling Bee just fourteen years ago, Umar joined the USF International Affairs Review editing team in August and plans to return to the journal for the spring semester.

Cara Loftus –– Editor 
Cara is a senior International Studies major, graduating with little hope of finding a job in May. Her passion lies in advocating for human rights issues and raising awareness of social injustices around the world. When not saving the world, Cara enjoys serving on the Executive Board of Delta Zeta Sorority, working at Koret Gym and exploring the city of San Francisco with friends.