J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge
Visit the Wellness Events webpage to sign up for the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge!
2014 Pride Parade
USFers participate in the 2014 Pride Parade
Arts and Sciences MM
Staff from Arts & Sciences Enjoy a Meaningful Mile Walk
Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
2014 Family Fun Day
Family Fun Day 2014 was a huge success!
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Cheers for Our Peers!

Cheers for Our Peers!
Hannah HelserHannah Helser

Registering and training for races through GoUSF has created a bond among staff as we strive to reach individual running goals while cheering each other on as Team USF. I'm so grateful for the opportunities to run in races that help me reach my goal of running half marathons. Thanks USF!





Patrick SudlowPatrick Sudlow

Fourteen months ago, after returning home from a three-week trip to Greece, Dubai, and Instanbul, I stepped on the scale and couldn't believe it: my BMI had reached the obese category. That day, I decided to start living a healthier lifestyle. I incorporated a gym routine into my schedule, I walked more than I took the bus (thanks to my FitBit), I ate clean during the week, and I still had fun, indulgent weekends. The GoUSF Wellness Program has helped me maintain this healthier lifestyle with their numerous lunchtime workshops, afternoon walks around campus, winning the FitBit raffle prize that has motivated me to walk 15,000+ steps a day, the races that I would have never ordinarily signed up for, and the competitive Hubbub challenges I've had with my fellow colleagues.

I am proud to say that thanks to the GoUSF Wellness Program and Suzy Kisylia's leadership, I have lost 60 pounds and have brought my BMI out of the obese and overweight ranges and into the normal range. The GoUSF Wellness Program is the best it has ever been, and I encourage all faculty and staff to get involved in some capacity.

wesley_mizeWestby Mize

Six months ago, I didn’t consider myself as a runner. The concept simply didn’t match my sense of self. (Unless buying the soundtrack to Chariots of Fire, when I was in seventh grade, counts for something. I’m dubious that it does.) But that was six months ago. I do now consider myself a runner, and that has everything to do with Suzy Kisylia and the GoUSF program. Their sponsorships of races, their unflagging energy and support, both have left an indelible impression upon me. They’ve created a passion where there once was only lethargy. I like being a runner. GoUSF deserves a lot of the credit for helping to make me one.

Inspire. Be inspired. Know someone on your team who is a wellness inspiration? Have you had a personal wellness journey you’d like to share? Tell us more.









 Don's Meaningful Mile

Grab your team and enjoy this 1 mile stroll around campus - whether for a walking meeting or just a break in the day. Stay up-to-date by checking out the Events page regularly!

Hidden Stairs Walk
USF staff take the Hidden Stairs Walk
Arts and Sciences MM 560x320
Arts and Sciences staff in front of Gleeson Library
MM during SCU Challenge
Staff walk the Meaningful Mile during the USF vs. SCU Challenge in February
Sacred Spaces Walk
Sacred Spaces Walk
Public Safety MM
Staff from Public Safety participate in the Meaningful Mile
SOE MM 560x320
The School of Education enjoy a Meaningful Mile Walk