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EPAF Information

**When submitting EPAFs, please be aware of the EPAF Submission Schedule to help ensure timely and accurate payroll for employees.**

Upcoming EPAF Trainings

There are currently no group EPAF trainings scheduled. Please contact hris@usfca.edu to schedule an individual EPAF training.

Change to Student EPAF Approval

Effective immediately, the 90 - PAYROL approval level has been removed from the Routing Queue of all Student EPAF types and replaced with approval level 90 - HRIS. The standard approver for this new approval level, as well as for the existing 99 - FINPAY approval level, is now Elizabeth Lagran (username: ECLAGRAN).

If you have previously set up a "default routing queue" for any student EPAF type, we will automatically update your defaults to replace the Payroll and Final Applier approvers with Elizabeth Lagran in your routing queue(s).

Work Clearances

Please note that once again all students intending to work in the 2014-2015 academic year must obtain a work clearance from One Stop prior to the submission of the EPAF for that assignment. For more information about work clearances and the student employment process, please visit the Student Employment webpage or contact Student Employment (x6770).

Timesheet Organization Numbers

When submitting an EPAF for an employee, the EPAF Originator should enter the employee's approver and timesheet organization number in the Comments field of the EPAF form. The EPAF form will include a separate field to enter the employee's timesheet organization number. Please enter the approver name in the Comments field so that HR can ensure that the approver matches the timesheet organization number. The approver can be someone other than the supervisor, if desired by the supervisor.

For a list of e-timesheet approvers and their corresponding timesheet organization numbers, please contact etimesheets@usfca.edu.

EPAFs for Self and/or Family Members

Please note that EPAF admins should not submit any EPAFs to affect their own or a family member's personnel record. Any EPAF that an employee submits for themselves or a family member will be returned with a request that the EPAF be voided.


If you have any questions related to the EPAF process, please contact Melissa Takahashi at x2479, or takahashi@usfca.edu.

EPAF Training Guides (PDF)

EPAFs for Student Assignments

EPAFs for Faculty and Staff Assignments

Approving EPAFs

Additional Pay & Non-Earnings Assignments

EPAF Reference

EPAF Communications