Presidio10K Race and Reception
The Presidio 10 Race and Reception was Sunday, April 13
Splash Swim 3-20-13
Human Resources staff at the Splash Fun Wellness lunchtime activity
Meaningful Mile Walk
Sunny Kaido and Patrick Sudlow, Wellness Committee members, lead the Meaningful Mile
Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
Presidio 10 2014
USF Faculty and Staff at 2014's Presidio 10 Race

Workers' Compensation

Safety for administrators is very important to the University. Therefore every attempt will be made to prevent accidents and to provide a healthful work environment. In addition, the University provides a no-fault Workers' Compensation insurance program. If administrators are unable to work because of on the job injury or illness, Workers' Compensation covers medical expenses and pays a portion of lost wages based on the nature of the injury. To insure the right to Workers' Compensation benefits, administrators must report every job-related injury promptly to the Office of Human Resources. 

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