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Rent and Relocation Reimbursement Procedures for USFFA Faculty and Librarians

To Request Rent Reimbursement

Please use the Rent Reimbursement Request Form to request rent reimbursement and review eligibility requirements.

Step 1:  The new faculty/librarian completes the first section of the form then submits the form to his/her Dean's Office along with a photocopy of his/her rental agreement and proof of payment of first and last month’s rent.

Step 2:  The Dean's office completes the second section of the form and processes an EPAF for the employee using Additional Pay. The original Rent Reimbursement Request and the photocopy of the rental agreement and proof of payment must be retained by the Dean's office.

Step 3:  The reimbursement (less applicable taxes) will be included in the employee's paycheck on the next available payroll cycle following EPAF approval.

Please note: Rent reimbursements are taxable by the IRS. By processing the reimbursement using an EPAF, the reimbursement flows through Payroll and applicable taxes are withheld, thus avoiding unexpected year-end tax adjustments.

To Request Relocation Expense Reimbursement

Please use the Relocation Reimbursement Request Form to request relocation expense reimbursement and review eligibility requirements.

Step 1:  The Dean's office completes the first section of the form, indicating the name of the faculty/librarian seeking reimbursement and the maximum reimbursement to which the employee is entitled.       

Per the USFFA Collective Bargaining Agreement, the amount of relocation reimbursement paid by Human Resources is dependent on the location from which the employee relocated as noted on the Relocation Reimbursement Request Form. If the College reimburses an additional amount, the Dean's office enters that amount in the space provided. The total relocation reimbursement will be comprised of the sum of the reimbursement paid by Human Resources and the reimbursement paid by the College.     

Once this section is completed, the form is given to the new faculty/librarian.

Step 2:  The new faculty/librarian completes the second section of the form.

Step 3:  Depending on the college, either the employee or the Dean's office inputs the amounts being reimbursed into Concur and uploads the completed relocation reimbursement request form along with supporting receipts. Once in Concur, the reimbursement request is routed to the appropriate individuals, including Human Resources and Business and Finance, for approval.

Step 4:  A check payable to the employee will be issued within ten business days of approval within Concur.

Please note: Most relocation reimbursements are not subject to tax; however certain reimbursements may be deemed taxable by the IRS. If Business and Finance determines that certain reimbursements are taxable, the Payroll Department will be advised and the taxable amounts will be withheld from the employee's check on the next available payroll cycle. 

For more information about the treatment of rent and relocation reimbursements for tax purposes, please review the Moving Reimbursement Policy webpage.

If you have any questions about either of the above reimbursement processes, please contact benefits@usfca.edu. If you have questions about the taxability of these disbursements, please contact Dom Daher, Director, Internal Audit and Tax, at dldaher@usfca.edu.