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Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits

USF contracts with My Commuter Check (MYCC) to administer the pre-tax commuter benefit. With this benefit, you can add transit passes and fares directly to your Clipper Card. If you prefer, you can add fares to a MYCC pre-paid MasterCard (more details below). Eligible full-time faculty and staff who do not have a parking permit may qualify for a USF Commuter subsidy up to $65. The maximum pre-tax order is $130, which includes the subsidy, if appropriate. **Please note that despite the MUNI fare increase, no action is required for the employee for upcoming and/or reoccurring orders.**  My Commuter Check will update the orders automatically for those who have MUNI products (i.e. MUNI Adult Monthly "M" Fast Pass, Adult “A” Fast Pass with Ride on BART in San Francisco).  Should you have any additional questions, please contact benefits@usfca.edu.

If you haven’t previously enrolled and would like to, please complete the Pre-tax Commuter Plan and Subsidy Enrollment Form.

Managing Your MYCC Account

You are responsible for managing your MYCC account. This means you must place your orders, make changes, or cancel orders by the 10th of each month, by 9 p.m. Pacific time, which will take effect the following month. If you miss the 10th deadline, you will not receive the following month's order.

By placing your order with MYCC, you agree and certify that the transit orders/products will be used by you only for the purposes of commuting to and from work. Additionally, you accept the terms and conditions of the Clipper cardholder license agreement or the MasterCard Cardholder Agreement if you order the MasterCard debit card. No replacement cards nor replacement value will be issued. There are no refunds, retroactive or prospective payments of the subsidy. If you have a parking permit, you are not eligible for the subsidy, but you are still able to use your own pre-tax dollars for your own monthly commuting expenses on public transportation. In accordance with IRS regulations, your pre-tax commuter dollars are not refundable, so plan your transit needs carefully.

Any missed pre-tax and/or post-tax commuter deductions will be deducted from the employee's subsequent payroll checks. Situations when you might miss a payroll deduction includes a leave of absence, insufficient earnings, termination of assignment, or termination of employment. You can change your orders online at My Commuter Check or by calling Customer Service at (800) 531-2828.

Lost/Stolen Clipper Cards

In order to receive commuter benefits, you must have an active Clipper card. In the event that your Clipper card is lost or stolen, immediately report it by calling (877) 878-8883 or logging into your “My Clipper” account and clicking on “Report Lost, Stolen or Damaged Card.” Clipper will mail you a replacement card. The new card will be ready to ship in approximately two days. You may also pick up a new Clipper card at no cost to you by stopping by the Human Resources office located at Lone Mountain Main, Room 339 between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday, or by visiting a participating transit center. To locate a participating transit center, please visit www.clippercard.com. Please note that transit centers may have a nominal fee for a Clipper card.

Once you have received your new Clipper card, it is your responsibility to immediately register it with both Clipper card and MYCC. There will be no retroactive or prospective payments of the subsidy due to your failure to register your Clipper card. Failure to register your new Clipper card will prevent you from using it and you may not receive the subsidy for the month.

Please note: MUNI requires you to use the pass (tag your card) by the 16th of the month, or the pass is no longer valid for that month. MUNI does not issue refunds, nor will MYCC. Please see the MUNI website for more details.

These transit providers accept Clipper Cards:


The USF Commuter Subsidy

For benefits-eligible faculty and staff, the USF Commuter Subsidy is designed to be used in conjunction with the pre-tax commuter program. The subsidy is applied to your active Clipper Card or MYCC Debit Card each month. In order to receive the subsidy each month, you must have an active order with MYCC. If you have a parking permit, the subsidy will be canceled.

More Details about the Personalized MasterCard Debit Cards

  1. A re-loadable commuter benefit card that is accepted at Transit Agencies or designated transit retail centers where only transit passes, tickets, and fare cards are sold. The Commuter MasterCard debit card can be used at Fare Vending Machines, which saves you time waiting in line and time locating a customer service desk or staffed sales area.
  2. For IRS compliance the Commuter MasterCard debit card can only be accepted at designated outlets that sell transit products exclusively, such as Transit Stations and Kiosks. Stores that sell other products, such as gift shops and pharmacies (such as Walgreens or CVS), will not accept the Commuter MasterCard debit card.
  3. If you terminate from the university, your Commuter MasterCard debit card will only be active until the next order deadline of the 10th of the month. Please plan your orders carefully.
  • Example 1: You terminate from the university on May 19, 2014. Your MasterCard is valid until June 10, 2014.
  • Example 2: You terminate from the university on June 6, 2014. Your MasterCard is valid until June 10, 2014.

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