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Duplicate Diploma

Graduates can obtain a duplicate diploma by completing the online form at the link listed below. A duplicate diploma follows the current format. It is printed with the original graduation date and with the name of the student at the time of graduation, but with the current Chairman of the Board of Trustees, President, Provost and Academic Vice-President, and Dean’s signatures.

  • Requests are processed by the Graduation and Degree Audit Center upon verification of your degree.
  • All accounts with USF must be cleared before a request is processed.
  • Diploma Fee is $80.00 per diploma (payable with request).
  • Allow 2 weeks processing time or use our Express Fee (2 business days) service for additional fee of $40.00.

Law students, please contact the Law School at (415) 422-6778 or for information on how to obtain a Law duplicate diploma.

This link is for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Students only: 


Questions?  If you have questions about Duplicate Diploma, please contact the Graduation Center at (415) 422-2020 or