Giving to USF

Hear From Our Donors

Take a moment to meet some of our generous friends and supporters – an inspiring community of individuals who provide us with the tools to change the world from here.


Susan Bugatto '82

Susan Bugatto I went from Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, where there were 30 girls in my senior class, to the nursing program at USF. It was still all girls in my classes but there was more empathy. The education I received was phenomenal. The theology classes helped form my personality and character. The Jesuits were all accepting. They broadened our minds. I have given in support of the Harney Science Center project because reconstructing the building is a wonderful idea. I think it was outdated when I went there. They have to do it in order to attract new students.


Charles M. Geschke

Charles Geschke My lifelong admiration of Jesuit education began when I first enrolled at St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland and continued with my degrees from Xavier University followed by five years on the mathematics faculty at John Carroll University. When my daughter, Kathy, enrolled at USF, it was only natural for me to support the university. I gave to the Endowed Faculty Fund because it is critical that a university have the resources to hire the finest available faculty in order to provide excellent instruction to its students. I anticipate that our gift will enable USF to continue to enhance its faculty with outstanding new academicians and promote some of the excellent faculty members that are already here in the USF academic community.


Teresa Lachenbruch '85

Teresa Lachenbruch I was a student in the USF School of Business and Management’s MBA program. I chose USF with the expectation of receiving an outstanding Jesuit education, but I also gained an extraordinary knowledge of the Bay Area business community which has served me well throughout my career. USF’s innovative and ethical approach to business was extremely important to me and I feel strongly about giving back to the university in any way I can. That’s one of the reasons why I volunteered to help lead The Campaign for USF’s Peninsula/Silicon Valley Regional Drive, and I have also made a personal gift to the School of Business and Management.


Catherine Mifsud '01

Catherine Mifsud I was a recipient of the Alumni Legacy Scholarship throughout my four years at USF. This scholarship allowed me the opportunity to continue the tradition of USF in my family and because of that, I want to offer that same opportunity to someone else. I also believe in the programs that University Ministry offers the entire USF community — students, faculty, and staff. By giving to the University Ministry Endowment, I can help ensure that these programs can continue and develop new avenues for spiritual growth of our university community.


Frank Noonan '56

Frank Noonan I started at USF with the class of 1956. At that time I was working two jobs as well as being involved with school activities. My grades were coming in third place. So I decided to join the Army in order to get the G.I. bill. It was during that process of deciding that the professors were very supportive and encouraging. That made a great impression on me and that is part of the reason I support USF today. After my military service I went back to USF and graduated with the class of 1959 and went on to become a CPA. I feel very strongly about the importance of Catholic education. In our world today you need the spiritual guidance that a Catholic education offers. I hope my contributions to the university help USF give more students the gift of a Jesuit education.

Michelle Skaff '72

Michelle Skaff As part of our gift to USF, we established an environmental lecture series. It was the connection of our commitment to USF and our passion for the environment that transformed our gift to something more meaningful for both parties. By creating this series, we are hoping to increase the university’s visibility as a leader on the environment and serve as another opportunity to promote its environmental and science programs within the San Francisco community at large.


Dolores Staudenrus '54

Fr. John Lo Schiavo Legacy Society Member

Dolores StaudenrusI really did receive a quality education at USF. My nursing degree prepared me well for a career that included teaching, consulting, and care of the critically injured in Vietnam. I’m grateful to the university for the education that made all this possible. Wanting to give something in return, I decided on a USF charitable gift annuity. The annuity enabled me to turn a commercial property I had owned into a steady income for the rest of my life and I was also able to enjoy a substantial tax deduction. One day the School of Nursing will receive a special scholarship from my annuity so that other nursing students can enjoy the education that I once enjoyed.