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Donspiration: Making a Difference

Lawn and the church


Alec Rodriques has created an ode to the university with his video, "Inspiration."

Let Alec Rodriques, the winner of this year's student video contest, show you how USF inspires students.

“Look at this place,” he says. “This took dedication. This took heart. They weren’t just constructing a building. They were making a home.”

Rodriques takes viewers on a sweeping tour of some of the most beautiful spots on campus, including Lone Mountain and the Lo Schiavo science center. He heralds USF as "an immensely diverse place," and he pays homage to all those alumni who came before him.

"People changed the world from here," he says. "They made a difference. They pursued something they cared about. Now, that's inspiring."