Giving to USF

Scholarship Recipients

A sampling of students who have benefited from scholarships at USF.

Jon A. Coon, Finance

coon_jJon A. Coon isn’t quite sure where his career path will lead. Public service, government office, and business all interest him. But on one thing he’s certain: He wants to lead. “I’m very interested in leadership development,” he said. “I like working with people, analyzing things, and making decisions. My aspirations are big. Influencing those that I’m around, that’s appealing to me.”

A senior from Portland, Ore., majoring in finance with a minor in economics, Jon is grateful for the financial aid USF provides that allows him to continue his studies.

“Without financial aid, I would not be able to accomplish the things I’m doing today. I would not have enjoyed the personal attention I receive in my classes or even have met my closest friends. I hope one day to fill the shoes of the people supporting me. I’ve been blessed,” Jon said. “If someone who donated was sitting across from me, I’d say, ‘Thank you so much for your generosity, for helping me to succeed, to grow, to learn, and fulfill some of my aspirations.’”

Jessica Armijo, Sport Management

“The scholarship really made it possible for me to stay at USF. As a special education teacher, it’s also been nice for me to share with my students that if you work really hard and also give back to your community, there are people who are going to see your efforts and want to help you succeed. It means the world to me that I’m able to finish my education and that I can also share this with my students.”

Rose Borunda, EdD ’02

“The scholarship granted me the ability to fund my education. The high cost of a private university would not have been an easy cost to meet, but the scholarship helped make the opportunity of higher education a reality. You could say that my education granted me access to the proverbial ivory tower. Without an advanced degree, one cannot rise in the higher education system. I wanted to teach at the university level so that I may have the ability to impact youth in my community. Earning my doctorate at USF was a means by which I attained the end result of educating youth in my community.”

Luis A. Quiñonez ’01, MPA ’07

“The scholarship granted me the funding necessary to attain my degree. The scholarship gave me my education. I really enjoyed the emphasis USF placed on being an articulate writer. The critical and creative thinking skills my professors taught me have been extremely valuable. I appreciate the fact that USF granted me the ability to not only analyze the details of any given situation, but also taught me to see the big picture and think systematically and logically so as to bring about a creative solution.”