Giving to USF

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President's Ambassadors Lead the Way

Ameidi Then  Amiedi Now

The Amidei's during their time at USF (left) and now (right) with their family.


Our President’s Ambassadors’ philanthropy serves as a testament to the USF experience and to their belief in USF’s legacy.  A legacy that becomes stronger through the support of dedicated donors who, year after year, renew their commitment to USF—donors like Chris and Anna Amidei who have been President’s Ambassadors since 1998. Through their consecutive years of giving, Chris and Anna have established their stake in USF’s legacy. 

Here’s a glimpse into the generosity of one of USF’s longtime President’s Ambassadors—Chris Amidei:

1. Why did you decide to attend USF?

I transferred to USF after attending a community college in Marin. I was convinced that USF was the place for me after speaking with the Dean of Admissions. USF’s small class sizes really attracted me as did its easily accessible location because I was a commuter student.

2. What do you wish other people knew about the University of San Francisco?

That it’s a big little school.  Honestly, USF felt more like a family. Students have a better chance of maintaining relationships with faculty and are less likely to become just a number at USF. I remember the names of many of my professors to this day and they not only had a profound impact on my academics but also my spiritual outlook.

3. What is your personal philosophy on the value of an accessible education?

I feel that it is very valuable. The more educated the populace is, the better off we are as a society.  I also feel that education needs to be well-rounded.  I really appreciated that about USF, it not only prepares you how to be a professional in your field but also how to be comfortable communicating your values.

4. Is philanthropy an important part of your home? Are there other causes that you and your family support and are passionate about?

I wouldn’t say philanthropy is a large part of our lives because we don’t trust many other organizations.  I’ve had Fr. Lo Schiavo call me and I appreciate that kind of personal outreach.  We can trust USF because we know the University will invest in good things.

5. What was the highlight of your USF experience?

Definitely meeting my wife in a Digital Electronics class. She wasn’t a huge fan of me at first but I got a second chance when we had a speech class together. The second highlight being the friendships I made on campus. We still maintain in great contact with many of our friends from USF.  Last but not least, the academic experience – learning how to become a good writer and my personal epiphany understanding limits in Calculus class.

6. What inspired you to start donating to USF?

We were called by a student from USF’s phonathon and we had such a great experience that we made a gift during the call.  We see USF as an excellent institution and we want it to succeed. We believe it serves its students and the community well.

7. What do you want your legacy to be at the University of San Francisco? What do you hope to accomplish with your donations to USF?

I would like to see the school prosper.  I like to see the growth occurring on campus.  I recently attended the Computer Science department’s reunion and it was wonderful to see the changes that have taken place. It’s a bit more modern than it was when we were students. The expansion of the library and science center is impressive. The University has definitely put the funding they have been receiving into furthering its mission, so Anna and I will continue to donate.