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Rigoberto Marquez, M.A.

Ethnic Minority Disseration Fellow, Leadership Studies and Internation and Multicultural Education

Rigoberto is a doctoral candidate in education at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, Urban Schooling Division. He holds an M.A. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park, a B.A. in Critical Gender Studies & Sociology from the University of California, San Diego, and an A.A. in Liberal Arts from Santa Monica College. He also has over fifteen years of experience organizing on different policy issues affecting LGBT/queer communities of color across California. In his dissertation research, he examines the pedagogical practices of a group of Latina immigrant women known as Promotoras who teach Latina/o parents about LGBT issues. Their work’s intention is to teach parents to become allies and to advocate for LGBT/queer youth in their schools and communities. Using an ethnographic approach, he utilizes observations, interviews, and a review of instructional materials to explore how the Promotoras engage and facilitate lessons with Latina/o parents that ignite a sense of activism. He argues this research can provide strategies for practitioners and community-based organizations on how to bring new levels of consciousness on LGBT/queer issues within Latina/o communities, as well as building grassroots support for the enforcement and implementation of pro-LGBT youth policies. His research interests include critical theories of race, gender, and sexuality in education, queer youth of color in schools, community engagement and advocacy, law and education, and critical pedagogy.