Sweta  Thota

Sweta Thota

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor Sweta Chaturvedi Thota is primarily interested in exploring consumer behavior with specific research emphasis on consumers' emotional and psychological response to pricing, online search and the effects of advertising. She asks her students to become hyper-observers of marketing in their own environments, engaging them in questions like: "Who is the target audience for annoying banner ads and do these banners hurt or help the host website?"

By creating a curriculum that engages students in the classroom as well as areas outside of their academic environment - applying marketing concepts to real-life situations they're likely to experience - Professor Thota motivates students to approach marketing in original and inspired ways.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Thota has presented her research at leading national and international conferences, and her empirical investigations on "Relative Thinking in Price Comparisons" were recently published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology (JCP), one of the top five journals in marketing.

Prior to teaching, Thota worked for ICICI Bank (New Delhi), Herald Publications (Bombay), and Real Value Marketing Services (New Delhi).


Ph.D., Business Administration, Louisiana State University, 2004
M.B.A, Marketing, FORE School of Management, India, 1997
B.S., Chemistry/Zoology, Dayalbagh University, India, 1994

Courses Offered
  • The following courses represent the last 3 years of teaching and do not represent the current course offerings.

The following list is a selection of recent publications and does not represent the entire body of research.

"A Resolution Model of Consumer Irritation Consequences and Company Strategies: Social Networking and Strategy Implications," Journal of Applied Business and Economics, Volume 13, 2012

"Is a Web Site Known by the Banner Ads It Hosts? Assessing Forward and Reciprocal Spillover Effects of Banner Ads and Host Web Sites," International Journal of Advertising, V.31 (4) 2012 (with Song, J.H. and Biswas, A.)

"Relative Thinking in Price Comparisons: The Role of Affect, Processing-Style & Intuition" Journal of Consumer Psychology, Volume 20, 2010 (with Ritesh, S.)

"Do Animated Banner Ads Hurt Websites? The Moderating Roles of Website Loyalty and Need for Cognition," Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, Volume 14, Issue 1, 2010 (with Song, J.H. and Larsen, W.V.)

"I Want to Buy the Advertised Product Only! An Examination of the Effects of Additional Product Offers on Consumer Irritation in a Cross Promotion Context," Journal of Advertising, Volume 38, Number 1, 2009 (with Biswas, A.)

Honors & Awards

Outstanding Research Award, School of Business and Professional Studies, USF, 2010


Assistant Professor, James Madison University, 2004-2008

Ad hoc reviewer, International Journal of Advertising

Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Asia Business Studies

Sweta Thota, University of San Francisco School of Management