Executive MBA — Organization Development
Richard  Stackman

Richard Stackman

Associate Dean / Associate Professor

Richard Stackman, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, is a much-admired Associate Professor in the department of Organizations, Leadership and Communication. His coursework focuses on topics that include organizational change and development, leadership versus management, complexity science, and human capital investments. Dr. Stackman’s recent pioneering research with Dr. Linda Henderson explores the gender differences on project team membership. His scholarly activities also underscore personal value systems and complexity theory to organizational functioning.

Dr. Stackman believes we cannot fully understand human and social interaction within organizations without appreciating the potential of complex adaptive systems. This emphatic approach to understanding human and social interaction and its impact on leadership and organizational change exemplifies the Jesuit tradition of the compassionate workplace.

Dr. Stackman is highly appreciative of the range of intellectual and cultural offerings in the Bay Area, with its astounding display of diversity, political opinion, social awareness and entrepreneurial innovation. Professor Stackman views the Bay Area as an ideal location to nurture the academic curiosity and progressive thinking that fashions students into leaders, not just managers. In his teaching and faculty advising, he strives to impart these unique Bay Area advantages to his students to help become more well-rounded leaders, best typified by his founding faculty advisor role for USF’s Malloy Group, an MBA student-run consulting firm.

Professor Stackman’s focus on enhancing student experience – curricular and co-curricular – will be directed in the upcoming year on re-imagining the B.S. in Business Administration program to better prepare graduates for the demands of the 21st Century.


Ph.D., Business Administration, University of British Columbia, Canada, 1995
Graduate studies majoring in Industrial Relations, University of Minnesota, 1987 – 1988
B.S., Business Administration (Cum Laude), Major in Organizational Behavior and Accounting, University of California at Berkeley, 1985 (member of Phi Beta Kappa)

Courses Offered
  • The following courses represent the last 3 years of teaching and do not represent the current course offerings.
  • MBA 6103: Learning to Lead
  • MBA 6104: Understanding Organizations
  • MBA 6435: Consulting Practices
  • MBA 6437: Consulting Practicum
  • MBAE 6902: Leadership & Teams
  • OD 661: Leading Organization Change & Development

The following list is a selection of recent publications and does not represent the entire body of research.

"Women Project Managers: The Exploration of Their Job Challenges and Issue Selling Behaviors," International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, Vol. 6, No. 4, 2013 (with Stackman, R.W. and Koh, C.Y.)

"Leadership and 'Emotional-Rational' Coherence: A Start?," Editor's Introduction, Academy of Management Perspectives, 2011 (with K. Devine)

"An Exploratory Study of Gender in Project Management: Interrelationships with Role, Location, Technology, and Project Cost,"Project Management Journal, 2010 (with L.S. Henderson)

"Sectoral Ethos: An Investigation of the Personal Value Systems of Female and Male Managers in the Public and Private Sectors," Journal of Public Administration and Theory, 2006 (with P.E. Connor and B.W. Becker)

"Emergence and Community: The Story of Three Complex Adaptive Entities,"Emergence: Complexity and Organization, 2006 (with L.S. Henderson and D.P. Bloch)

"Advancing the Scholarship of Teaching Through Collaborative Self-Study,"Journal of Higher Education, 2003 (with B. Louie, D. Drevdahl and J.M. Purdy)

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Service Award, USF School of Management, 2012

MBA Faculty Jesuit Award, Graduate Business Association, USF School of Management, 2012

Service Award, Western Academy of Management, 2009, 2011

Faculty Citation, Graduate Business Association, 2009, 2011

Joan G. Dahl President's Award, Western Academy of Management, 2004


Former Department Chair, Organizations, Leadership and Communication

Former Program Director, Master of Science on Organization Development

President, Western Academy of Management, 2010 - 2011

Executive Committee Member, Western Academy of Management, 1999 - 2012

Editorial Advisory Board and Section Editor, Journal of Management Inquiry, 2008 - present

Assistant Professor, Business Program, University of Washington at Tacoma, 1996 - 2003

Richard Stackman, University of San Francisco School of Management