In Memoriam
Oren  Harari

Oren Harari

1949 – 2010

Dr. Oren Harari was a compassionate and driven educator, researcher and consultant. He was extremely committed to ethics in the field of management and applied this to all of his work.

Dr. Harari was born in Israel, and spent part of his childhood there and part of it in Mexico, before moving to San Diego when he was sixteen. He began his illustrious teaching career at USF in 1977, after earning his Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology from UC Berkeley. His teaching was very important to him, and he strove to teach ethical management and value-based leadership. He firmly believed he was learning as much from the students as they were learning from him.

Professor Oren Harari’s professional and academic achievements have been widely recognized by the international business community. He was chosen by the Financial Times of London as one of the 40 “best minds” in management in the world. Besides his work as an educator and researcher, Dr. Harari was an extremely accomplished author, writing nine books in total. His most popular book, The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell, was a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek bestseller and earned him worldwide acclaim. It grew out of an article he wrote while working as a senior columnist for the Management Review, about leadership principles that can be learned from the career of Colin Powell. The article was praised by business and political experts worldwide, including Colin Powell himself, and the Pentagon uses its contents for training purposes.

Within his chosen field of management and in his work as a consultant ethics were extremely important to Dr. Harari. He described himself as an “enthusiastic founding member” of the Integrity Institute, which strives to measure and elevate the integrity of corporations, leaders and capital markets. “I can’t think of many nobler charges these days,” Dr. Harari said.