Linda S. Shore

Linda S. Shore, Ed.D.

Adjunct Faculty, Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning

A long time faculty member in the Digital Media and Learning program, Dr. Shore has conducted educational research at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, evaluated science education software, conducted numerous studies on the impact of simulations on science learning, and designed learning experiences in "Second Life". Presently she is a staff physicist and the Director of the Teacher Institute at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. She is the author of numerous articles on constructivism, learning in virtual environments, gender equity, and popular science. Linda is also the co-author of the award winning "Exploratorium Science Explorer" series of activity books for children and their families.

Philosophy Statement:
"People learn best by constructing knowledge for themselves. The role of the teacher is to facilitate this process for students, which is exactly what I do when teaching my technology classes..."


Ed.D., Science Education, Boston University

Courses Offered
  • Digital Media Literacy
  • Constructivism and Technology
  • Special Topic: Education in Second Life