Teacher Education
Isabel  Nuñez

Isabel Nuñez, Ph.D., J.D., M.Phil.

Associate Professor, Teacher Education

Dr. Nuñez was a classroom teacher in Los Angeles and the U.K., and a newspaper journalist in Japan. She edited the 2014 volume Diving In: Bill Ayers and the Art of Teaching into the Contradiction with Crystal Laura and Rick Ayers for Teachers College Press, and has authored chapters in books from Peter Lang, Routledge and SAGE. She is an associate editor for Multicultural Perspectives, and she edited and introduced the section “Self, Sexuality and Teaching” in Sexualities in Education: A Reader, published by Peter Lang in 2012.

Before joining the USF School of Education as visiting faculty, she was an associate professor in the Center for Policy Studies and Social Justice at Concordia University Chicago. While there she was a founding member of CReATE (Chicagoland Researchers and Advocates for Transformative Education), a group of volunteer faculty engaged in inquiry and dialogue around policy for the city schools of Chicago.


Ph.D., Curriculum Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago
M. Phil., Cultural Studies, Birmingham University, England
J.D., Unversity of California, Los Angeles, School of Law

Research Areas

Education policy
Teacher voice and activism
Curriculum studies
Ideology and schooling
Language, dialect and power
Diversity and education


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