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Michelle  Millar

Michelle Millar

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Michelle Millar is an eco-driven pioneer in the field of consumer behavior as it relates to sustainable tourism and travel. Dr. Millar's research explores how hotel and restaurant managers relate to and work within their environment. She is interested in sustainability in the hotel industry, focusing mainly on consumer perceptions of sustainable hotels and green certifications, as well as on the impact of environmental attitudes on consumer behavior.

Leveraging concepts never before applied to lodging, Dr. Millar educates students and hospitality companies on how they can integrate more socially and environmentally conscientious practices into their business and surrounding communities, and addresses the important implications for industry pricing and marketing.


Ph.D., Hospitality Administration, University of Nevada, NV, 2009
M.A., Tourism and Hospitality Management, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, 2003

Courses Offered
  • The following courses represent the last 3 years of teaching and do not represent the current course offerings.

The following list is a selection of recent publications and does not represent the entire body of research.

"Sustainable Hotel Practices and Guest Satisfaction Levels," International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration, Vol. 15, Nr. 1, 2014 (with O. Berezan and C. Raab)

"Implementing Environmental Sustainability in the Global Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Industries: Developing a Comprehensive Cross-Disciplinary Curriculum," book chapter in Johnston, L. (Ed.), Education for Sustainability: Cases, Challenges and Opportunities from Across the Curriculum, pp. 124-136, Taylor & Francis Publishing, New York, NY, 2013 (with C. Brown, C. Carruthers, T. Jones, Y. Kim, C. Raab, K. Teeters and L. Yang)

"Importance of Green Hotel Attributes to Business and Leisure Travelers," Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, Vol. 21, Nr. 4, 2012 (with K. Mayer and S. Baloglu)

"Hotel Guests' Preferences for Green Guest Room Attributes," Cornell Hospital Quarterly, Vol. 52, Nr. 3, 2011 (with S. Baloglu)

"Gaming Destination Images: Implications for Branding," Journal of Travel Research, Vol. 49, Nr. 1, 2010 (with E. Kneesel and S. Baloglu)

"Hospitality and Tourism Educators vs. the Industry: a Competency Assessment," Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education, Vol. 22, Nr. 2, 2010 (with Z. Mao and P. Moreo)

Honors & Awards:

W. Bradford Wiley Memorial Best Research Paper of the Year Award, 2012

Best Dissertation Award, University of Nevada, 2009


Faculty Advisor, Club Managers Association of America, USF Department of Hospitality Management, 2010 - present

Michelle Millar, University of San Francisco School of Management