Diverse Workforce Initiative

Vision Statement

Informed by USF’s Jesuit identity and our diversity and community engagement strategy, this Diverse Workforce Initiative can provide the University an opportunity to enhance our region's economic vitality and prosperity. Workforce development has evolved from a problem-focused approach (addressing issues such as low-skilled workers or the need for more employees in a particular industry), to a holistic approach (considering participants' many barriers and the overall needs of the region). Workforce development is essentially a human resources strategy. Using this evolved framework to inform this initiative, USF will engage community members in opportunities towards self-improvement and social equity.

At USF, we are called to Change the World from Here. Thus, USF is uniquely positioned to be a leader in our community revitalization support efforts. Our student body reflects the diversity of the community of the Bay Area and is one of the most ethnically diverse universities in the nation. Through this collaborative initiative, USF will be a leader and an active partner in community engagement by supporting and building the capacity of our urban community where we are situated.


In spring 2014, USF launched a workforce development support initiative to help identify and potentially prepare diverse applicants from San Francisco based community organizations with workforce development training programs, for employment opportunities with the University of San Francisco or a USF contractor.


The Diverse Workforce Initiative is a campus-wide collaborative effort led by the Office of Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach and the Office of the General Counsel. Activities of the initiative include:

  • review of hiring policies and procedures
  • resume creation
  • job shadowing
  • mock interviews
  • personal coaching by USF faculty/staff
  • and other skill development workshop sessions

Sponsoring Offices

Office of Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach, School of Management, Office of Human Resources, Office of the General Counsel, Facilities Management, Pricilla A. Scotlan Career Services Center, and the Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good.

Committee Members

  • Karin Cotterman, Associate Director for External Relations, Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good 
  • Diane Nelson, Director of Employment and Employee Relations, Human Resources
  • James Catiggay, Senior Director, Priscilla A. Scotlan Career Services Center 
  • Martha Peugh-Wade, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
  • Michael London, Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management
  • Todd Sayre, Professor of Accounting, School of Management
  • Shawn Calhoun, Associate Dean, Gleeson Library 
  • Wanda Borges, Associate Dean, School of Nursing and Health Professions
  • Sheryl Davis, Community Representative, San Francisco Human Rights Commissioner, ED of Mo’ Magic and Collective Impact


Mary Wardell Ghirarduzzi and David Philpott