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Program Overview:

October 15th - November 19th, 2014
Every Wednesday
5:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Maraschi Room, Fromm Hall

USF staff members are invited to apply for the Fall 2014 cohort of Allies in the Academy, a discussion series held for six weeks over dinners at the University of San Francisco. The program uses a series of edited narratives from Unlikely Allies in the Academy: Women of Color and White Women in Conversation as the basis and guide for meaningful dialogue and discussion for change. We hope that through the methodology and process of this program, participants will have an opportunity to gather together for a person-centered and self-affirming dialogue. The framework of the program aims to affirm and strengthen existing relationships and allyship among staff members at USF.

Space is limited to 18 participants, and part time staff are encouraged to apply. Attendees will receive a copy of the book Unlikely Allies in the Academy. Cost: $150 per person, includes dinner during each session (departmental sponsorship required - supply FOAP on registration form).

Program Outline:

Session 1 – October 14: Origins and the Need for Conversation
Maraschi Room, Fromm Hall
Unlikely Allies, Part I: Chapters 1 - 2
Facilitators: Aouie Rubio (Branch Campuses & Online Education) and Karin Cotterman (Leo T. McCarthy Center)

Session 2 – October 22: Women of Color Talk
Maraschi Room, Fromm Hall
Unlikely Allies, Part II: Chapters 3 - 7
Facilitators: Shabnam Koirala-Azad and Susan Katz (School of Education)

Session 3 – October 29: White Women Talk
Maraschi Room, Fromm Hall
Unlikely Allies, Part III: Chapters 8 - 11
Facilitators: Barbara Thomas (Counseling & Physiological Services) and Dellanira Garcia (School of Nursing and Health Professions)

Session 4 – November 5: Women of Color & White Women in Conversation
Berman Room, Fromm Hall
Unlikely Allies, Part IV: Chapters 12 - 16
Facilitators: Charlene Lobo Soriano (CASA) and Susan Prion (School of Nursing & Health Professions)

Session 5 – November 12: Preparations for Final Session
Berman Room, Fromm Hall
Facilitators: Alejandro Covarrubias (Intercultural Centers) and Kate Carter (Admissions)
**This session will extend to 8:00pm in preparation for the final session**

Session 6 – November 19: Strategies & Continued Support
Maraschi Room, Fromm Hall
Facilitators: Mary Wardell-Ghirarduzzi (Office of Diversity Engagement) and Julia Dowd (University Ministry)

This program is part of an institutional initiative developed through the Office of Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach. The Diversity Intensive further advances our commitment to: enrich university and community engagement; promote inclusive dialogue, interpersonal experiences, and intercultural appreciation; and support a thriving campus community, culture and climate.

Program Sponsors:
Office of Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach
Office of the Provost
University Council for Jesuit Mission