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Vehicular Use Policy

Effective Date:  April 1, 2012 


Last Updated:   July 10, 2014


Responsible University Officer:

Vice President for Business and Finance


Policy Owner:

Associate Vice President for Accounting and Business Services


Policy Contact:

Melissa Diaz

Policy Contents

   Policy Statement
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   Who Should Read this Policy
   Policy Text
   Related Information
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   Revision History



The University’s vehicle use policy has been established to provide information and guidelines to all USF employees and students regarding their responsibilities for the safe operation of vehicles on University business. This document includes instructions and procedures for driving, refueling, maintaining and renting University vehicles. We are committed to providing a safe environment for USF’s students, staff, faculty and visitors.


This Policy sets forth the standards for the authorization of drivers and proper safety procedures for vehicles the University is responsible for, both owned and non-owned.


Any employee who is responsible for vehicles, drivers, or driving; the members of the Leadership Team, as well as supervisors and Business Managers who supervise an employee with such responsibilities.


Safe drivers know how to operate a vehicle properly. They do not make the common driving errors that cause most accidents. They also have learned to compensate for the lack of skill and attention of other drivers on the road who may otherwise involve them in an accident. Safe drivers can recognize accident causing situations and take corrective actions to prevent them.

Our Fleet Management Program has three main objectives:
  • To select and utilize operators of University-owned or controlled vehicles who have satisfactory or better driving records.
  • To create mechanisms to assist in the safe and proper maintenance, registration and insurance of University-owned or controlled vehicles.
  • To create mechanisms to assist the University to select qualified drivers to operate fleet vehicles in a safe and courteous fashion that reflects positively on the University of San Francisco.
University-owned or controlled vehicles are provided and maintained primarily for University business use. Employees assigned to operate or allowed control over a University vehicle are expected and required to follow the Fleet Management Program regulations and maintain a satisfactory or better driving record. Employees who lose the privilege of operating University vehicles subject themselves to possible reassignment, disciplinary action or termination. With the exception of specific senior exempt-employees, who by virtue of their position are provided access to University vehicles, no personal use of University-owned or controlled vehicles is permitted. In cases of senior exempt-employees provided a University vehicle, the employee must be at least 25 years of age, and use of the vehicle by other than the employee (including family members) is strongly discouraged. Employees are not permitted to use assigned University vehicles for personal business.

Personal vehicles may be used on University business ONLY with the permission of the employee/student's department head or advisor and proper authorization from Risk Management.

When using a personal vehicle for University business, the owner of the vehicle must carry automobile liability insurance. The owner's automobile liability insurance coverage is the primary coverage.

There is no physical damage coverage through the University on a personal vehicle. The employee is responsible for the deductible portion of the personal collision coverage and is responsible for any increased personal automobile insurance premiums as a result of an accident.

The owner's automobile liability insurance card received from their insurance agent must be in the driver's possession when using personal vehicles for University business.

We ask for cooperation and compliance from each employee and manager who operates or supervises a department in which University vehicles are operated.





USF Travel & Entertainment Policy
USF Purchasing Card Policy
External California Department of Motor Vehicles
External California Department of Transportation




Department of Transportation
(DOT) Driver
Specialized individual operator, who by virtue of function or vehicle operated is subject to additional federal regulatory restrictions. The operator must possess a Commercial Driver's License (CLD) to operate fleet vehicle(s).
The Fleet Consists of all University-owned or leased motor vehicles. It includes all automobiles, station wagons, pick-up trucks, vans, large trucks and all other classes of vehicles that are operated routinely on public roads.
Fleet Driver Any employee, student or other authorized operator assigned or allowed to operate a Fleet vehicle.
Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) A certified copy of an individual's driving record for at least the past three years of operation, obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state in which the driver's license is issued.






Driver Authorization Request University Travel Representative 415.422.5967  USFTravel@usfca.edu
Risk Management Melissa Diaz 415.422.5899  mddiaz2@usfca.edu
Accounting & Business Services Frank Wasilewski 415.422.2402 fmwasilewski@usfca.edu





University Driver Authorization Request Used to approve drivers authorized to operate a University vehicle. Accounting and Business Services


Fleet Drivers
  • Participation in fleet safety training program and successful completion of corrective driving program(s), if required.
  • Operation of University vehicles in compliance with University, local, State and Federal regulations.
  • Reporting of all unsafe vehicle conditions immediately to his/her supervisor.
  • Prompt and accurate preparation and submission of all required vehicle reports to his/her supervisor.
  • Immediate written notification to his/her supervisor of all accidents and traffic violations, whether involving University or privately-owned vehicles.
Department Head
  • Consistent application of the Fleet Safety regulations throughout his/her operation.
  • Ensuring that his/her Fleet vehicles are properly licensed, inspected and maintained.
  • Ensuring that only properly licensed and qualified drivers are selected and assigned University vehicles to operate.
  • The identification of program violators and/or poor drivers and issuance of corrective, or if necessary, disciplinary action.
  • The issuance and replenishment of "glove-box" accident reporting kits.
  • Report accidents or incidents to Risk Management
Risk Management
  • Training of operating unit managers in regard to their role in the Fleet Safety program.
  • Coordination of the delivery of the University Safe Driver Program to new fleet operators
  • Preparation and maintenance of program monitoring records.
  • Coordination of the reporting, investigating and claims management of all fleet driver accidents and vehicle related damage or property loss incidents.
  • Investigation and review of each accident involving University fleet vehicles. Submission of recommendation(s) to prevent reoccurrence. 
  • Identification of program violators and poor drivers and the coordination of associated disciplinary action. Includes acquisition of certified driving records for each new employee assigned as driver, and the ongoing acquisition/review of certified driving records.
  • Classification as "preventable" or "non-preventable" of (a) accidents involving a fleet vehicle where damage only to the fleet vehicle or to other University property is involved or; (b) accidents involving a fleet vehicle causing minor damage to property of a third party. For any accident involving significant property damage to a third party or any physical injury, however minor, to anyone, Risk Management will cooperate with the University's insurance carriers, their investigators and counsel to the University in any investigation. Judgments with respect to preventability in these instances will be reached with full consultation with the University's insurance carrier and counsel.
  • The preparation of program status reports and the reporting of program violations and problems to senior University administrators. 

President, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, and Deans
  • Ensures that employees in his or her division are in compliance with this Policy.




  • 07/10/2014 -  Revised to provide guidance on driver reinstatement process.
  • 02/01/2013 -  Updated to include Driver Selection Process.
  • 04/01/2012 -  First publication of Policy.