A view of St. Ignatius Church and Kalmanovitz

To register as a participant in USF's Vendor Fair 2010, please take a moment to fill out the fields below.   

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 In lieu of a Registration fee, we ask that all participating vendors contribute raffle prizes for the event. Past donated raffle prizes include: iPods, gift cards, sporting event tickets, GPS navigator, printers, etc.

Please enter in your donated raffle prize(s) below:


Please note:
(1) Your stated raffle contribution will be included in our publicity with your company name.
(2) Prizes should be sent to Purchasing Services by Friday, November 5th. 



Other Notes: Please let us know if you have a booth, slide projector, screen, machinery, etc. that will need special accommodations.


I have read and understand the general information for vendors .



1.  You will receive a confirmation email from Purchasing Services with your VF Registration Number & details regarding set-up times, loading/unloading, and tear down.
2.  Please be reminded that the focus of this fair is "THINK GREEN. BUY GREEN.  BE GREEN."  We ask for your company to reduce the amount of fliers/brochures that you are printing AND INSTEAD - bring in the product/machines, photo boards, and samples for faculty and staff to view and try out. 
3.  Promotional items:  Giveaways/freebies are always A HUGE HIT & are much appreciated by the USF community.