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Purchasing Card Policy - Appendix A

Unauthorized Purchasing Card Transactions

The following list includes, but is not limited to, examples of transactions which are not authorized under the Purchasing Card Program: 

  • Automotive1
  • Cash advances or loans
  • Charitable contributions, except for sympathy gifts
  • Construction and renovation services 
  • Copier and fax machines2 
  • Furniture2 
  • Hazardous materials2
  • Legal services 
  • Medical services
  • Medicines and other drugs
  • Payments to another University department, except the Bookstore and Dining Services
  • Personal purchases of any kind
  • Scientific equipment2
  • Temporary help 

The following transactions are not authorized for reimbursement, regardless of the payment method:

  • Fines and penalties
  • Fuel for a personally-owned automobile
  • Split transactions
  • Unallowable charges to a contract or grant
  • Vendor payments that would create a conflict of interest for the cardholder


USF Fuel and Maintenance Cards are available for use in operating a University-owned vehicle. See Vehicular Use Policy.

Because a P.O. may be required, departments should contact Purchasing Services for assistance. See Contacts.