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Construction Update May 27, 2011

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Construction is in full swing for the CSI building and the Plaza Relocation project.  In the area in front of the library, the Plaza Relocation, the fences are up and demo of the sod and campus walk is complete and grading will begin today.  The work in the UC parking lot for the cistern is continuing, the replacement of the asphalt is scheduled for the week of June 6th.  The demo of the existing Harney Plaza is scheduled to begin the week of June 6, starting with the demo of the concrete in the plaza and the stairs in between the UC and Harney.  Work will be fairly quiet today as it is a day off for the carpenters union.  No work will be performed over the three day weekend.  Trucking for the week of May 31st will be about 12 trucks per day.  Once the demo of Harney plaza begins the numbers of trucks per day will increase significantly.


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