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CSI Construction Update 9.22.2011

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Underpinning at Harney is continuing this week and should be complete by September 30th.  Tomorrow, Friday, September 23rd could be a very noisy day for Harney occupants as the workers chip away at the existing footing in various sections with a hoe ram.  This noisy work is expected to be completed by the end of the day Friday.  Monday will be a very big day as it is the first official large concrete pour, 470 yards of concrete will be poured.  Tuesday will continue with more concrete, pouring approximately 270 yards.  Today the iron workers are completing the doweling on the west portion of the site.  The week of October 3rd will be exciting as the project begins to go vertical.  Off haul wil also resume that week and is expected to be completed by mid to late October.

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