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Concur Expense Service

What is Concur Expense Service?
Concur Expense Service is a web-based system which centralizes out-of-pocket reimbursement, company credit card reconciliation and cash advance request processing. 


When do I need to use it?
Effective January 1, 2008, all employees must submit out-of-pocket expenses, purchasing card, declining balance card and cash advances in the Concur Expense Service system. Only students and those not employed by USF will be able to submit paper expense reports.


How do I get trained on Concur Expense Service?
Training is required in order to gain access to Concur Expense Service. There are 3 types of training available:


  1. An online tutorial which can be viewed on your computer.
  2. Classroom-style training session -   Reservations are needed.
  3. Departmental demonstration which can be coordinated through your area budget manager.


How can I reserve a spot in a classroom training?
Contact Dennis Miller at millerd@usfca.edu (Subject: Classroom training)


When is the next classroom training?
Click here to view available training dates. Reservation required and availability will change.


What are the benefits of this system?


  • Time Savings for individual, approver, and back office processing
  • Direct Deposit
    • Reimbursements and cash advances can go directly into your account
    • Direct deposit can take 3-5 business days whereas a check can take 10 business days or greater
  • Web Based (and Mac friendly)
  • Integrated P-Card / Out of Pocket Expense / Cash Advance Process
  • Workflow- Automatically gets routed to appropriate approver or accounting office
  • E-mail notifications when reports have been processed
  • Digital Receipts (Can be faxed or scanned)


Who do I contact with further questions?


Anna Kessel x5977                                           
Coordinator, Purchasing Card Services

Dennis Miller  x2102                                      
Manager, Purchasing Card Services