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Recyclemania 2013

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What is it?

Recyclemania is a national competition between over 600 universities to rank in the following areas:

adding to compost binIn 2012 USF placed 25th out of 605 schools in the composting competition, and 63rd overall for the Grand Championship. Congratulations to USF for placing well! Let’s see if we can do better this year!

Each month, we collect 131 tons of recycling and composting combined. With eWaste and scrap metal, we divert 64% of our waste from the landfill.

BUT, each month USF still generates 93 tons of trash, 75% of it still recyclable. Let’s do better, and keep recycling out of the trash!

25 bins per dayTrack our progress during the competition at, or by viewing this widget, which tracks USF’s placement compared to some of our top competitors: Santa Clara University, San Francisco State University, Loyola Marymount University, University of South Florida, and the University of San Diego.

When is it?

binsThe competition runs 8 weeks from February 3rd through March 30th. The final scores will be announced on April 12th.

The kickoff event will be held at the men’s basketball game on February 14th. Don’t forget to make an appearance!

Why are we doing it?

  • Help San Francisco meet he Zero Waste by 2020 goal!
  • Beat competing schools! GO DONS!
  • Increase recycling on campus, and improve our waste diversion away from the landfill

Compost Trash Example with arrows
As you can see, there are many items being thrown away as trash even in places such as this residence hall, where a compost disposal option is available on every floor.