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Greening Your Event

Want  to green a University event?

 In order to successfully green an event, we must plan with sustainability in mind. This means purchasing products, food and  decorations with the intent that they will be re-used, recycled or composted.

 Click here to read our brochure and learn how easy Greening Your Event is!

How to Green Your Event?

 Green Purchasing
•Request reusable tableware and utensils ( china and silverware) from
Bon Apetit.
•If you have to select items made of virgin material, ensure it is recyclable and/or compostable.
•Avoid styrofoam completely
•Provide organic and local foods when possible

Recycling and Composting
•Call Facilities Management to request  eco-stations for your event, to facilitate recycling and composting. ext. 6464
•A large portion of waste from events consists of recyclable decorations and compostable food waste. Using eco-stations can reduce that unnecessary waste.

•Send event invitations through
•Print programs on recycled paper.

Why to Green Your Event?

 •Reduce economic and environmental costs of your event.  
•The City of San Francisco has made composting mandatory and as a working part of the city’s community, we should be on track with those standards.