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Green Office Certification

 USF is committed to implementing sustainable practices on campus, and individual offices can do their part by becoming green certified. This program strives to promote sustainable office practices and acknowledge the offices that practice them. 

To receive certification, complete the following steps: 

1.      Download the Green Office Certification form.

2.      Determine which level of certification you will be applying for. Remember, you must meet ALL requirements in the level you are applying for and the level(s) below it (for example, if you are applying for Level 3 certification you must also meet all requirements in Level 2 and Level 1).

3.      Fill out the electronic application and e-mail to

4.      Schedule an audit of your office with USF Recycles (we will contact you once we receive your application).


Offices that complete the certification process will receive a Green Office Certificate to be displayed in their office, and will be recognized on the USF Green Team website. 

Green Certified Offices:

Purchasing - Level 2

Department of Sociology - Level 2

Department of Rhetoric - Level 1