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MSDS Defined

The Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) is a multipage chemical fact sheet with specific information about each hazardous material (chemical) made by the manufacturer and is intended to provide comprehensive information about the chemical or compound.

To locate an MSDS for a chemical please contact the Environmental Safety Office.

MSDS Cover Page  

The MSDS is divided into the following 16 standard sections

  1. Product Information
  2. Product Composition
  3. Hazard Identification
  4. First Aid Measures
  5. Fire Response
  6. Spill Response
  7. Handling and Storage
  8. Exposure Control and PPE
  9. Physical and Chemical Properties
10. Reactivity
11. Toxicology Information
12. Ecological Information
13. Disposal
14. Transport Information
15. Regulatory Information
16. Other Informations