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Annual Financial Statement Certification Appendix A

Employees Subject to Annual Financial Statement Certification Requirement
Appendix A

Employees holding the following position titles are responsible for completing and signing the Annual Financial Statement Certification in accordance with the schedule established by the Office of Accounting and Business Services:


  • President
  • Provost and Academic Vice President
  • Vice President, Communications and Marketing
  • Vice President for International Relations
  • Vice President for Development
  • General Counsel
  • Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
  • Director, Internal Audit and Tax Compliance
  • Senior Vice Provost, Academic Affairs 
  • Vice Provost, Branch Campuses
  • Vice Provost, Institutional Planning, Budget and Effectiveness
  • Vice Provost, Student Life
  • Vice Provost, Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Vice Provost, Diversity and Community Engagement 
  • Dean, School of Law
  • Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dean, University Library
  • Dean, School of Education
  • Dean, School of Nursing and Health Professions
  • Dean, School of Management
  • Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management
  • Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
  • Senior Associate Dean and Director, Enrollment and Financial Services
  • Director of Athletics
  • Director, Development Services

The Business Manager reporting to the holder of each position listed above is also required to complete and sign the Annual Financial Statement Certification.