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November 1st:
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It's the end of the year!

Long winter nights are here!

With Fall Semester now over, it's time for a break! Or is it? Intersession begins right after the New Year (YIPES!) with Spring just a few weeks after that!

Don't be caught out when classes start next year and you haven't submitted your course orders! We'll be here behind the scenes through the break working hard to get ready for 2015. So don't hesitate to email us with questions, concerns, or just what's on your mind!

But be that as it may, we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and enjoys this small little break for the winter before chaos begins again! We'll see you all in 2015!


 Half-way to January!
What will you be doing over the break?!
We'd love to know! Share with us via Facebook or Twitter!
And try to stay dry if you won't be leaving the City!. 
Happy Holidays!