Welcome USF Faculty! We know how busy things can be during a semester but just a few dates to remember:

April 15th:
Summer orders due
October 15th:
Intersession orders due
May 1st:
Fall orders due
November 1st:
Spring orders due

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Summer 2015:
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Fall 2015:
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Summer approachs...

Soon the Spring semester will end and we'll find ourselves with (hopefully) a lot more free time to take in the day and relax!

While the end of the semester happens, we can get too caught up in it and forget to focus on tomorrow.

So don't forget there is still a Summer term and, next thing you know, Fall term will be upon us. Please make sure you're submitting those book orders and ensuring your students won't be caught unprepared because they didn't know what course materials were needed or couldn't get them because no orders were placed!

But! Don't forget to also take a moment for yourself! While the summer can still be stressful and busy, find some time in the day just for yourself: catch up on a good book, go see a movie, or even just find a nice spot in the park to soak it all in.. 

And we hope everyone keeps changing the world from here!


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