Instruments and Software

BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer

The Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer allows for rapid analysis of cell samples and provides information on cell morphology, composition of a mixed sample, and expression of surface proteins. The small footprint and incredible ease of use make the Accuri an excellent instrument to train students on the theory and application of Flow Cytometry, in addition to being a heavily used, and productive research instrument.

Hitachi TM3000

Hitachi TM3000 is a tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope which allows for detailed analysis of the surface topography of virtually any material at an extremely high magnification. While traditional SEM’s require extensive sample preparation and intensive training, the Hitachi TM3000 is an incredibly flexible platform that can be quickly mastered by students and used to analyze un-prepared samples in real-time, thus making this high level technology that has broad applications for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, accessible and intuitive.

Zeiss AxioObserver D1

The Zeiss AxioObserver D1 Widefield Fluorescence Microscope has been a workhorse for nearly 20 years at USF and has produced images used in a number of publications, however with the opening of the FJ Microscopy center it was fully rebuilt and upgraded, it is now fully automated and run by the new Zeiss software Zen.  The excellent optics on this instrument allow for analysis and imaging of live and fixed cell samples using bright-field, DIC, and fluorescence.

Zeiss LMS700

The Zeiss Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope is the star of the Fletcher Jones Microscopy center, the confocal scan head allows for the acquisition of high-resolution optical images with depth selectivity, this greatly enhances our understanding of processes on the subcellular level and is an excellent research tool. The LSM700 is fully automated, and run using Zen software.


Zen (blue and black): Both Zeiss microscopes have Zen software, in addition to an offline workstation with a full Zen license. Many advanced modules are available for specialized acquisition and data analysis.

Image J: The gold standard for image analysis is available on the offline workstation.

BD Accuri: This software runs acquisition and analysis on the Accuri C6 FlowCytometer.

FloJo: Flow cytometry data analysis software.

Microsoft Office Suite 2013: Available on all computers.